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21st Phantom

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The 21st Phantom is the most popular of the Phantom's and our current Phantom.

The number one problem is that he has been the Phantom since the 1930's with the start of the newspaper strip. With him still alive 85+ years later you cannot have a 100 year old Phantom running around. At this stage officially the 21st Phantom swore the oath in 1959 which still is a problem with him being in the role for 60+ years.

The 21st Phantom has to be shown in modern current times.

Like most Phantoms, he was born in the Skull Cave and went to school in his mothers homeland which in this case was America. He meet his wife Diana, when she was 6 or 8 and he succeeded at school both academically and in sports. He was always quite, never said much but popular with his fellow students and teachers. We do not know what subjects he studied or specialised in at university/college.

By nature he is an introvert which shows by himself being very unsure on himself in the early days of him being the Phantom after his Dads death. This is also shown in asking Diana to marry him and live in the Skull Cave.

  • The 21st Phantom is a family man. He loves his wife and kids. He always puts them first.

  • He was shown with blonde hair earlier on in stories but as an adult and the Phantom he has dark black hair.

  • He can be foolhardy with his desire to keep the Phantoms oath, the air of mystery or putting others first.

  • He loves animals which we see with Devil, his pet wolf, Hero his horse but also training up animals for Eden and for his kids (Joomba, Kateena, Fraka etc). This love is likely to have come from Archie who was his close friend as a kid.

  • He is a loyal friend but if they cross the boundary of law, justice etc, he will not put his friendship above the violation.

  • Uses 2x Colt 45's

His one flaw would be that he is too trusting at times. He always believes in the best in people even when no one else does. If a pretty woman is flirting with him, he will not see it and genuinely be trying to help her.

In Team Fantomen stories there is a rumour that Sandal Singh's son is sired by the Phantom. At this stage, it is not clear who the father is.

Details of Death

The 21st Phantom has not yet died in the current or recorded in future stories.

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