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The Phantom has the Strength of Ten Tigers - Old Jungle Saying

The Phantom has the strength of ten tigers which is an Old Jungle Saying. While the Phantom is a normal human man without super powers, he is stronger than the normal person.

He is super fit and trained in various methods of fighting by his father but also training by professionals around the world and the jungle. While he is strong and can mix it with heavyweight boxers, he is also athletic enough to outrun a deer and outswim a crocodile or shark.

Strength - The 12 Tasks (Sunday 17).jpg
Strength - The Rope People (Sunday 29).jpg
Strength - The Masked Marvel (Daily 33).JPG
Strength - Old Baldy (Sunday 62).JPG
Strength - The First Phantom (Fantomen Story Frew 1051).JPG
Strength - The Childhood of the Phantom (Sunday 53) dad Training.jpg
Strength - The Childhood of the Phantom (Sunday 53) - Training by others.jpg
Strength - Four Sons (Sunday 137).JPG
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