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Phantom's Generosity

There are many examples of The Phantom forgoing rewards, windfalls or ‘spoils of war’ in deference to the benefit going to a worthy cause, individual or community in need. But more than material generosity, The Phantom is giving of himself, of his commitment and compassion.


Almost 500 years ago, one person was stranded in a remote land and out of necessity as much as desperation or even service to those who saved him, established a home and life for himself in a new land among the traditional owners. Successive generations, rather than returning to western culture have remained and that connection with the people has evolved, but maintained the consistent theme that it is a sense of service to justice, to combat injustice and it comes at a cost to the individual Phantom and to the family that they choose to share it with.


They all pay a cost that is unreasonable, including the ultimate sacrifice, but it is done from a sense of selflessness and giving.

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