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12th Phantom

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Studied in London first which is not the homeland of his mother and then studied Law in Rome. His studies in law have helped him solve several cases and use logic in a detective style. One of the first Phantoms to act as more of a detective than just an avenger.

Married Marion Trelawney who is English and her father a Lord. He married before he took over the role as Phantom which does not happen often. This may either have something to do with his age taking over older or marrying young.

  • One of the few Phantoms to have dressed up as a Phantom and on missions while his father is still alive.

  • One of the few Phantoms to have sworn the oath outside of the Skull Cave. Something his son also did.

  • Either the 11th or 12th Phantom was the first Phantom to create the 'Vault of Missing Men' going on by the dates shown in the Vault and no other stories featuring earlier Phantoms.

  • Helped Benjamin Franklin in a few adventures

  • Has a white horse called Hannibal

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

There is a contradiction of how the 12th Phantom died between a Lee Falk story and a Team Fantomen story.

In the Team Fantomen story, the 12th Phantom died during the French Revolution rescuing two daughters of a friend. He was shot during an escape, knowing it was fatal made his son, the 13th swear the oath and he stayed behind to allow the 13th and the two daughters to escape and live.

One of the only Phantoms not to die at the Skull Cave. Had his body kept away from the Skull Cave for a while.

In the Lee Falk story the 12th dies in the Skull Cave and not in France. The Team Fantomen death is however more dramatic.

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