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2nd Phantom

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Had a difficult relationship with his father for the first 10 odd years. After Marabella left the Deep Woods to rule Maravilloso she took the 2nd Phantom with her. Eventually he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps which saw the start of his training and a great relationship with his father and the start of the tradition of the role being passed father to father. He then had a poor relationship with his own son.

Lee Falk accidently had the second Phantom marry his mum. Team Fantomen has had two different women marry the second Phantom. In one story Team Fantomen they say he married four women. Only two have been mentioned in stories. Ann(e) is the mother of the third Phantom.

May be best having just two wives with Elena and Ann(e) his only wives.

  • The idea of the Chronicle books came about by the second Phantom. He wrote his stories in the last year or two of the first Phantom's life as he was fading and eventually died.

  • Had blonde hair

  • Had a temper like his dad

  • Gave up his claim to his mothers crown to follow in his fathers footsteps

  • Heard the story about Walkers Table and got the deed of ownership from a king

  • Swore the oath at 18 or 19 years old

  • Had a half brother Rene who he meet days before he passed and is buried in the Skull Cave

  • His weapons consisted of a sword, crossbow, bow and arrow and snap lock gun(s)

Details of Death

Mortally wounded battling Barbary Pirates and held off long enough for the third Phantom to come home and see him before he died.

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