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13th Phantom

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The 13th Phantom is an excellent sword fighter, brash and daring - he also dies in a similar vein (highlighted below). He is also a bit of a skeptic and doesn't believe things on its face value. Always wants to test and push the boundaries.

Like his father, he rescued falsely imprisoned French captives during the French Revolution including rescuing the Crown Prince Louise-Charles. This was a real life mission of his and is perhaps due to the fact that his wife is French and his father (according to Team Fantomen) died while doing it.

  • Has a white horse

  • One of the few Phantoms to have sworn the oath outside of the Skull Cave. Something his father also did. This death contradicts a Lee Falk story.

  • Flew kites with Benjamin Franklin when he was younger.

  • Had an adventure against musketeers who kidnapped his wife.

  • Founded several key items for the Major Treasure Room with Cleopatra's Asp and the Durandal sword once belonging to Roland.

  • Meet Jacob Grimm

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

In no Lee Falk and or Team Fantomen stories has the death of the 13th Phantom been recorded. In the 1989 DC Mini series issue #4, it is recorded that The 13th Phantom was killed in 1811 fighting Tiberius Chessman on top of Phantom Head Peak. After being stabbed by Tiberius, The 13th Phantom grabbed Tiberius and in the process they both fell from the top of the peak killing Tiberius and himself upon landing on the ground below.

Seeing this does NOT contradict anything else and is in line with the characteristics of the 13th, we recommend that this is the official cause of death off the 13th Phantom.

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