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10th Phantom

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Lee Falk has the 10th Phantom marry an unnamed Scandinavian ship captains daughter while Team Fantomen had him marry Marianne (Mary). Its our recommendation that Marianne is the correct wife. She was involved in shipwrecks so their stories almost fit.

The 10th Phantom was very strong, head strong and had no moral middle ground. Either black and or white. He also found great identity in his role as the Phantom. When he lost his arm, couldn't be the Phantom anymore and hence had to retire, he struggled mentally and lost hope and withdraw from his wife and son.

The 10th Phantom suffered a lot during his life. His sister was kidnapped and took many years to find her and had to retire before dying due to his wounds fighting Ashar who eventually killed him.

  • The 10th Phantom had a younger sister called Heloise

  • The 10th Phantom perhaps had two sons. Not much is known about the younger brother

  • 10th Phantom escorted Princess Sophia Augusta Frederika (aka 'Catherine the Great') on her way to Moscow where she would marry Peter Feodorovich. It was a personal favor to her parents.

  • Before he married Marianne, he fell in love with a Queen of the Golden People but left her, she died from a broken heart.

  • Studied at Oxford

  • Could battle against men at a young age of 13-15

  • Was framed for a murder in London and fled being unable to plead his innocence.

  • 10th Phantom had a brown horse

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

Is the only Phantom so far to have handed over the mantle of the Phantom his son while still alive. He lost his right arm to the Singh Pirate Ashar Singh. He ended up dying several months later in another one on one battle with Ashar where both lost their lives.

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