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The Phantom is a Jungle Legend

"You do not find the Phantom - He finds you!" This is an Old Jungle Saying that perfectly reflects the Phantom.


The Phantom is a legend! He is not the friendly neighbourhood hero who is known to everyone, The Phantom exists and operates in the shadows, he is NOT known by every Tom, Dick and Harry. No one is sure if The Phantom even exists. He is like the bogeyman - bad guys whisper his name in fear, parents use his name to scare the kids, grand parents talk about him as a legend.

Legend - The Giant Bird of Gandor (Sunday 63).JPG
Legend - Murder Rap (Team Fantomen - Frew 1104).JPG
Legend - Mysterious Ambassador (Daily 85).JPG
Legend - The Singh Brotherhood (Daily 1).JPG
Legend - Worubu's Secret (Team Fantomen - Frew 1202).JPG
legend - The Embassey Seige (Daily 155).JPG
Legend - The Singh Brotherhood (Daily 1) work alone.JPG
Legend - The Spy Gang (Daily 20).JPG
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