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15th Phantom

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He is said to be the bravest and the most dare-devilish of all the Phantoms. He was also the first unknown commander of the Jungle Patrol after his dad, the 14th was killed by a Misty Mountains Prince who infiltered the patrol. In the way he planned the unknown commander angle and got revenge, he has a sense for the flare and showman ship as well.

You get the same sense of dare in the childhood adventure battling pirates in Hong Kong when his dad was captured and he rescued him, a princess all in a storm.

He married an unnamed orphaned opera singer in or from Rome. Team Fantomen stories have edited him to be married to Juliet Adams. She married the 5th Phantom. His mum was a lover of music, he played the violin and their mutual love for music has rubbed off that he married her. There has no mention apart from a single panel on this wife.

15th lost both his mother, dad \and had to deal with the Jungle Patrol being burnt and having to rebuild it all inside his first year. Perhaps the biggest and most stressful year one for any Phantom.

  • The 15th Phantom is blonde

  • In 1826 he studied at a school in Paris. In 1827 and 1831 he studied at Sorbonne in France.

  • In 1831, his son is born

  • Was a gymnast as a youngster - also studied karatee

  • Had trained in fencing and was able to beat men at 15 years old.

  • Pasha Singh is his arch enemy who he battles several times and nearly killing him once.

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

There is no record on how the 15th Phantom died.

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