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Female Phantom (17th Phantoms Sister)

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Years Active:

ca 1869-?

Julie Walker is the younger twin sister to the 17th Phantom. They were raised as equals and Julie was as good, maybe even a better shooter than her brother.

They went to school in Denmark and came back home at 16. Julie was engaged to a British officer but he died shortly after their engagement. She ended up marrying Paul Colbert a missionary after rescuing him as a prisoner on a river pirates boat. This was the first time she became the Phantom. Note she added "Daughters" to the oath of the skull.

After Paul died, she went to France to study to become a doctor under Louis Pasteur. She had four kids with Paul and died under the watch of the 19ths Phantom. She has also lived in England for a period of time after Paul died.

She has acted as Phantom a few times through out her life. Being the Phantom alongside her brother aided in the belief that the Phantom can take shape in any form and be in more than one place at a time.

She is smart and used wits alongside her shooting and fighting ability to outsmart bad guys.

Julie's choice of weapons was a "Peacemaker" revolver like her brother.

Details of Death

Julie Walker died of old age. The Only Phantom have ever done that. No set date has been given. Note, the 19th Phantom buried her.

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