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Lady Kate Sommerset is a complex tortured soul while having a similar origin as the Phantom, it turned her the other way.

  • She saw her dad die by a Singh pirate

  • she has killed several Singh pirates including Scimitar and Cyclops

  • Kate had many sexual partners but only ever loved one - the 17th Phantom

  • She would use sex to her advantage

  • Long curly black hair

  • usually wears a loose white shirt and black pants

  • Mother of Chris Sommerset - 17th Phantom is the father

  • she is actually wealthy and passed that wealth onto her son Chris Sommerset (18th Phantoms half brother)

  • Was with the 17th Phantom when he died

  • In the final battle against the Singh Pirates she received a nasty surprise on her right side of her face that goes to above her eye to her lip

  • Spent her last days on Convent Island as a nun

  • She died in the same way as the 17th Phantom

Even after killing Singh Pirates, she never found peace and tried to find forgiveness and peace by serving on Convent Island full on nuns.

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