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Phantom's Justice

This is perhaps the strongest of the Phantom’s values.


His sense of justice, of protecting the oppressed from the tyrant, the innocent from the evil drives his actions and relentless pursuit of injustice. He strives for a balance of equity rather than equality in those that he supports, and will always place the safety and welfare of others above self.


The Phantom is just, but he is merciful.


This is brilliantly demonstrated in the DePaul/Ryan Daily ‘Justice For The Python’ when The Phantom places himself at grave risk by treating the evil terrorist Chatu (The Python) who has contracted Ebola. The Phantom quarantines himself with The Python and sends for Guran to provide medical advice.


When Guran presents The Phantom with one dose of a jungle remedy for the deadly virus, the Phantom is presented with an ethical dilemma: Chatu is symptomatic, near death, a known killer and was gathering the Ebola to weaponise it against the public. Kit is not symptomatic and may benefit from the vaccine. There is a high probability of the vaccine saving The Phantom’s life, and a low probability of it being of assistance to Chatu, his sworn enemy. The Phantom gives the vaccine to Chatu, knowing it may mean the end of his life.

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