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How we decide on the Criteria

Unfortunately with no oversight on Phantom stories for decades there are a lot of contradictions. Most of the contradictions are within the Lee Falk created stories. Yes there are some contradictions between the Lee Falk and Team Fantomen universes but not as many as phans tend to think. We have highlighted the contradictions in the Phantom Bible and outlined which lore / element we suggest creators follow.


The following is a list on how we decided to choose certain contradictions. This list is an ongoing ever changing document. 


  • Lee Falk contradictions

    • When Lee Falk contradicts himself, you go with the most recent, or the one that is referenced more in both newspaper and Team Fantomen stories. 

      • For example: Lee Falk has had Princess Pura marry three Phantom's. Yet has created a story were it clearly highlights the 3rd Phantom married her which is backed up by a Team Fantomen story.

  • Sy Barry preference

    • Sy Barry is the general standard for most things so you choose his work over previous creators like Wilson McCoy and Ray Moore.

      • For example: Wilson McCoy designed the good mark but Sy Barry has changed it with the Ps not facing each other. The standard is the Sy Barry design.

  • Lee Falk newspaper stories verses Team Falk stories

    • The first rule is to try and merge were possible. 90% of the stories and elements can be merged.

      • For example; Both Team Fantomen and Lee Falk have created a wife for the 16th Phantom. Possible to marry both with one dying early.

      • For example; Lee Falk wrote about two wives for the 3rd Phantom, so Team Fantomen has him marry both.

    • If Lee Falk only makes mention once of an element once,  yet Team Fantomen has an accepted lore or used plenty of times, we go with Team Fantomen

      • For example; Both have different origins of the skull ring but Lee Falk was referenced once and never again. Team Fantomen origin is accepted by multiple publishers.

    • If Lee Falk created a contradicting single reference after a Team Fantomen story and that Team Fantomen element has been used multiple times. Use Team Fantomen.

    • However sometimes the first referenced element doesn't make sense or is accepted.

      • For example; Team Fantomen first wrote about the origin of the Phantom Head Peak however Lee Falk's origin tale while even having impossible​ story elements is the accepted origin.

  • What makes sense and is acceptance by phans is hugely important.

    • For example; Location of Bangalla had 2x locations before Africa. Africa makes more sense and is more accepted by phans.

    • For example; The origin story of the Phantom Head Peak was first created by Team Fantomen, however Lee Falk's version makes more sense. 

  • Elements needs to be widely accepted by both newspapers, Team Fantomen stories but also publishers.

    • For example; Jeff Weigel's different Phantom costumes have been made into products however it is in only one story. You cannot change 80+ years of history with one story.

  • Amount of times the elements has been referenced in stories.

    • It is important that elements were possible are referenced in multiple stories.

    • More credibility if the elements are referenced in both Team Fantomen and Lee Falk stories.

  • Age of the elements created.

    • Elements referenced sooner carry more credibility. Unless it is only referenced once or a few times compared to later referenced elements.

      • For example; Bangalla in Africa instead of Luntok or India.

  • Common sense

    • Try to fit both Team Fantomen and Lee Falk created story elements together where possible.

      • For example; Newspaper stories featuring Luaga as president could have happened before or after Lubanga / Sandal President was President and Luaga in office.

      • For example; The Fourth Son story is well loved by many phans but it is full of contradicting information that does not fit with either Team Fantomen and or Lee Falk so we have decided to ignore this story.

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