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1st Phantom

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Lee Falk wrote that the first Phantom married two different women (Christina and Marabella). Team Fantomen have him marrying Marabella who was mentioned first and most by Lee Falk. We recommend sticking to Marabella as the wife of the first Phantom and mother of the second Phantom.

The first and second Phantoms had a difficult relationship. After Marabella left the Deep Woods to rule Maravilloso she took the 2nd Phantom with her. Eventually the second Phantom wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps which saw the start of his training and a great relationship between them and the start of the tradition of the role being passed father to father.

Received the Skull Ring by Paracelsus. Lee Falk mentioned once it was given to the Phantoms by jungle kings. It is accepted by most to use the Paracelsus origin as lore.

  • The first Phantom had a short temper

  • Had blonde hair

  • Worked very hard to build up his strength.

  • His dedication and drive saw relationships with him tested including his wife and son

  • Became a knight of the St John the Baptist Brotherhood

  • Didn't write his stories in Chronicles. That idea came about by the second Phantom

  • Started the Wrestling Tourney tournament which stopped a lot of bloodshed amongst the tribes

  • Described as a large tall man

  • His weapons consisted of a sword, crossbow, bow and arrow and snap lock gun(s)

Details of Death

After a great period of time fighting and pushing himself in fight after fight, his body simply failed him. He died after his battle on Malta. He barely made it home. It is believed that on the trip home he told the stories of his adventures and that the second Phantom wrote them.

Gallery of Phantom

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