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Essential Lore of the Phantom

The Phantom is not a generic cookie cut hero from the pages of an American publisher like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse etc. This section will detail the Phantom's essential lore. It will explain who he is and help explain how he is different to a jungle version of Batman or a purple clad Tarzan. These elements are essential to the character.

King Features / Hearst have their own set of guidelines that need to be followed to go along with the bible. You can view their guidelines here.

The "Old Jungle Sayings" are also great examples to establish the lore of the Phantom.

An image tells a thousand words and a good way to help explain the Phantom bible is by demonstrating using images of popular artists from around the world from the past 85+ years. These artists are all different in the way they draw, but they follow guidelines which ensures that the Phantom stays consistent.  

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