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19th Phantom

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The 19th Phantom is known as being the strongest of all the Phantoms. Along with his strength, he is bold and was known with his usage of fear when fighting bad guys. He is also a great shooter.

He is a man of few words and at times got frustrated and could get show anger.

He fought in the 'great war' (WW1) and was disguised in several armies including German, Allies and French.

  • His wife is Jane Cary

  • Jane's brother is Bart who is a doctor and has saved the Phantoms life at least once

  • Has a black horse named Claudius

  • Along with the chiefs he helped bring the ban of guns in the jungle

  • The Bandar chief is Guran, grandfather of the 21st Phantoms Guran

  • The 19th rescued William Weeks (Colonel) from a life of crime and suggested he joined the Jungle Patrol

  • Was the first Phantom to get an airplane license - ever since, every Phantom has received a license

  • Has some medical knowledge. Nothing has been written about what he studied at school. The medical knowledge could be from his brother in law

  • Choice of weapon was the Colt 45

Details of Death

In a Lee Falk story, the 19th Phantom it is implied that he died at the Skull Cave after falling from climbing the Phantoms Head Peak. In a Team Fantomen story, the 19th Phantom died battling Pierre Rachamond.

To fit these together, the 19th Phantom recovered from the fall and then his last battle was against Rachamond and he never made it back to the Phantom Head to learn about the beasts of Phantom Head.

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