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8th Phantom

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The 8th Phantom may be the most complicated with different wives in the Team Fantomen and Lee Falk worlds and 2x different deaths written by Lee Falk. We have spent the most time trying to fit and make sense.

Team Fantomen has the 7th marrying Heloise of Hanta but Lee Falk clearly has her marrying the 8th. This contradiction is due to Lee Falk including dates when Heloise married her husband - we would normally suggest Heloise marries the 8th but that also contradicts both Lee Falk and Team Fantomen stories. For the sake of making everything fit - we suggest the 7th Phantom marries Heloise.

The next problem is that the story "Fourth Son" also contradicts both Team Fantomen and Lee Falk stories. While it is a story enjoyed by a lot of phans, as it contradicts everything and cannot be fit into established lore, we suggest ignoring it.

Ingrid is the wife of the 8th who he met before he swore the oath. Ingrid followed him to Bangalla.

  • Went to school in Sweden. Her mum was Heloise and her kingdom was in ruins so attended many high society parties. His grandmother was the Queen of Naverre.

  • Laid stones and mapped a safe passage in the great swamp.

  • The first Phantom to meet the Little People and created the Treaty of the Rattle.

  • Said to be the tallest Phantom of them all

  • Fights well with a broad sword

  • Is a practical type of man in the way he fights and solves problems. Doesn't over think it.

  • Knew Daniel Defoe and William Dampier

  • Has a way with horses and travelled across three continents with his horse, Outlaw

  • Befriended several outcasts in Friday, an escaped slave and Quassi but brought them back to the Deep Woods were they spent the rest of their lives hanging with the Phantom.

  • Blonde hair

  • Was a good sailor and knew the ins and outs of a rigging ship and how to sail it.

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

According to Lee Falk, the 8th Phantom died of a viper snake bite while laying a path in the great swamp. There is also a death sequence recorded in the "Fourth Son" Lee Falk storyline which again contradicts everything.

According to Team Fantomen, the 8th Phantom sacrificed his life for a princess that was captured by Captain Blood. he was then forced to walk the plank and shot in the back. He survived long enough for Ingrid and the future 9th Phantom to say goodbye to him.

We recommend going with the Team Fantomen death, he could have been near or close to death by the viper bite.

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