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Queen Heloise Walker (of Hanta / Koqania)

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Interaction with Phantom
8th Phantom
7th Phantom

Team Fantomen has the 7th marrying Heloise of Hanta but Lee Falk clearly has her marrying the 8th. This contradiction is due to Lee Falk including dates when Heloise married her husband - we would normally suggest Heloise marries the 8th but that contradicts both Lee Falk and Team Fantomen stories. For the sake of making everything fit - we suggest the 7th Phantom marries Heloise.

In the first story Lee Falk had Heloise's kingdom in the Phantoms jungle. The second and following stories her kingdom was in Koqania outside the jungle. Officially her kingdom was in Koqania which is somewhere in Eastern Europe perhaps near the silk road running between Asia and modern day Turkey.

Heloise is beautiful and perhaps the most beautiful women in the world. It was said her beauty drove men mad.

Koqania was a small kingdom built by her father who was a bandit. While she did order the attack on caravans and conveys it was only after they refused to pay taxes (protection). After her meeting with the Phantom, the castle was blown up and she left the place to marry the Phantom.

She was a women had no fears. She would journey on adventures with her husband and even though she lived in a cave, still looked after herself physically. In one story she would even bath in jungle streams naked. We recommend she stays clothed in future stories.

While she played on the witch tale, in some stories it was hinted she may have use hypnosis.

Had a younger brother Adric who at least once tried to bring Koqania back to its former glory.

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