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18th Phantom

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Wife is Lara Collins, her father is an oxford professor where the 18th Phantom also studied. Wife is only shown in one story and mentioned in one other story. He likely studied medicine as he used his knowledge to advantage in stories.

  • Has battled different potential Jack the Rippers twice.

  • Has also battled a Eustace Moriarty before he looked up Sherlock Holmes.

  • The 18th has been shown with both blonde and black hair. We suggest going with blonde.

  • Has a white horse.

  • Bandar chief was named Zuran.

  • Has had adventures with both his Aunt Julie (Female Phantom), his step mum Kate Sommerset and half brother Chris.

  • The 18th Phantom is a man of action who often lunges deep into a fight whether its guns or fists.

  • Choice of weapon was the Colt 45 post the year 1912. Before that used assorted revolvers

Details of Death

There is no record on how the 18th Phantom died.

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