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3rd Phantom

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The 3rd Phantom was the first Phantom to question the role. He ran away as a kid and joined actors and William Shakespeare. He had a change of heart when the 2nd was on his death bed.

The 3rd Phantom had two wives. Lee Falk has written him marrying two women Rosamunda (niece of William Shakespeare) and Pura daughter of a maharajah in India. It is accepted that Rosamunda was the first wife and mother of the 4th Phantom and died shortly afterwards with him then marring Pura afterwards.

Rosamunda is the mother of the 4th Phantom and died before the 3rd swore the oath. In fact her death pushed the Phantom into his role and it was her death that helped him understand the 1st decision to dedicate his life to fighting cruelty and injustice.

His acting and drama skills came to the fore in his role as the Phantom. He has been perhaps the most theatrical Phantom using tricks, magic and stage methods to build on the lore of the Phantom. He also built on the Jungle Lore of the Phantom being in more places at once, the man who cannot die, invisible etc

A man of great action and delivered lines of commentary as he fought. His fights can almost be seen as theatrical plays.

  • First Phantom to visit the island of Eden

  • First Phantom to fight against the Scorpia

  • Perhaps was the first to create or at least add items to the Major Treasure Room bringing back the sword of Excalibur and his wig he wore to the Skull Cave

  • Was the first Phantom to bring in the Peace of the Golden Ox

  • Hair is blonde

  • His weapons consisted of a sword, crossbow, bow and arrow, snap lock gun(s) and flint lock gun(s).

Details of Death

The 3rd Phantom died from a poisons blow arrow that was shot at him from an obscure hidden tribe that has only ever been seen by the 3rd and 21st Phantoms.

Normally the arrows poison kills instantly but he survived long enough to install jungle peace to the tribe and get home to Pura and the future 4th Phantom.

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