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11th Phantom

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The 11th Phantoms martial status is confusing. Lee Falk had him marry two different women but in other stories had those two women married other Phantoms and in some cases, centuries apart. Team Fantomen have him marry Renata di Mascarelli. We suggest Renata as the 11th Phantoms wife who was the mother of the 12th Phantom.

Took over the role of the Phantom while his dad was still alive.

  • Was the first Phantom to school at the Himalaya's at 16

  • Knew Benjamin Franklin included hunted for the Loch Ness Monster together. Ben knew the 11th, 12th and 13th Phantoms.

  • 11th Phantom is a brawler style fighter, prefers to do it with his fists than a sword or gun. Hits like a bull / cannon ball have been ways of describing his technique.

  • Towards the end of his life he became a master strategic type of person.

  • Either the 11th or 12th Phantom was the first Phantom to create the 'Vault of Missing Men' going on by the dates shown in the Vault and no other stories featuring earlier Phantoms.

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

An unique death in the sense that he did not die fighting a villain. He died in a storm on the sea trying to rescue his son. Both in the water, he pushed his son towards the rope but in doing so was unable to save himself. He was found the next day washed up on shore and his son swore the oath on the shore around or near Italy.

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