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7th Phantom

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Lee Falk has sometimes mixed up the 6th Phantom with the 7th but the 6th created the Jungle Patrol and married Natala of Navarre / France. Joonkar is another who has been linked to both the 6th and 7th. Lee Falk and Team Fantomen has had more stories linked to the 7th, so we believe Joonkar first befriended the 7th Phantom.

There is no clear wife for the 7th Phantom. Lee Falk once mentioned in one story he married a French Queen. Team Fantomen has the 7th marrying Heloise of Hanta but Lee Falk clearly has her marrying the 8th. This contradiction is due to Lee Falk including dates when Heloise married her husband - we would normally suggest Heloise marries the 8th but it contradicts both Lee Falk and Team Fantomen stories. For the sake of making everything fit - we suggest the 7th Phantom marries Heloise.

  • Studied Mathematics and Physics in Amsterdam as a young adult

  • Destroyed the strong hold of the Singh Brotherhood after they tried to invade Bangalla

  • Described as a polite man. Likely to come from his up bringing with Natala his mum and spending a lot of time in official places like embassies, palace's etc.

  • The 7th is a master at disguise

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

The 7th Phantom died when ex Joonkar soldiers stormed the Deep Woods to grab Joonkars crown which was left to be included in the Major Treasure Room. The soldiers shot him and then as he died, the 7th Phantom tasked his son to find the crown. It took until the 21st Phantom to find the crown.

There is a contradiction with this death as a Team Fantomen story has Joonkar dying in the 8th Phantoms life. Joonkar was likely to live longer than the 7th Phantom as their life spans are generally 20-30 years tops.

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