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Emperor Joonkar

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Joonkar was an Emperor in the Bangalla region during the lifetime of the 7th Phantom and possibly also the 6th and 8th Phantom. In the Founding of the Jungle Patrol story, there was 12 kingdoms that initially sponsored the Patrol. It is likely Joonkar's kingdom was one of those and then it likely extended from there.

Lee Falk has Joonkar dying during the life of the 7th Phantom but Team Fantomen has him dying of older age during the 8th Phantom's lifetime. It makes sense that Joonkar did at least live long enough to see the 8th Phantom in action due to the fact that he died older in both Lee Falk and Team Fantomen stories.

Joonkar met the Phantom when he was hunting in his backyard and was attacked by a lion (or tiger) but the Phantom rescued him. Joonkar a proud man didn't like it and then fought the Phantom to a fight to the dead. The Phantom won and after saving him again they became long time friends.

Joonkar had the Phantom as his best man. They went on many adventures together and rescued each other from countless scraps.

Joonkar is a super smart man who excels at chess, can handle a sword and is deadly in hand to hand combat.

He married Sheba who was originally from the Orient who sadly passed during childbirth. He was never the same after her death. He died without any heirs but did have a nephew Omar that was introduced in a Team Fantomen story.

He gave Keela-Wee to the 7th Phantom. Joonkar built the jade hut but the golden sands of the beach was there before his ownership.

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