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The Good Mark Ring

It was not until 1958 that the first Good Mark was shown in a story. The four "P" shapes are symbolic crossed swords, as first described by Lee Falk in 1977. The original design by Wilson McCoy had the sword guards facing in toward each other; however Sy Barry's take was to have the "Ps" facing clockwise.


Another obsolete design has a smaller circle in the middle of the Good Mark. Like the Wilson McCoy "draft", that design is not to be used. The Good Mark ring developed by Sy Barry and shown below is the design that is universally accepted by phans and should be followed.

Good Mark Crossed Swords - The Stolen Ring (Sunday 100).JPG
Good Mark - Deadmens Point (Daily 98).JPG

Lee Falk never explored the origin for the Good Mark or ring, but Team Fantomen depicted the original four Jungle Patrol leaders being gifted swords as below. The image of the four swords as a symbol of the triumph of good over evil should be used in any future stories on this theme.

Good Mark Origin - The Message (Frew 1373).JPG

Examples of Good Mark Rings

The ring designs shown below have slightly different designs, but generally remain consistent. Ideally, the cross needs to be upright and the ring is a rectangle design with the circle inside.

rings unusual.jpg
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