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Jungle Patrol

The Jungle Patrol is a law enforcement organisation created by the 6th Phantom in 1664 originally using ex pirates Redbeard, Salla, Crusher and Big Bart that he defeated. The patrol was originally sponsored by kingdoms around Bangalla from the 1600 century and is now sponsored by the surrounding countries. They pay but they do not control.

The Jungle Patrol's jurisdiction is the jungle areas of Bangalla and its neighboring countries. The headquarters are located in Bangalla.

Each year thousands of recruits from all around the world try and join. Only 10 are selected a year. The only privates are recruits under training. Every patrolman is a non-commissioned officer and he is his own squad. It is said that each patrolman is worth 10 normal guys.

After the 14th Phantoms death at the hands of the Singh Brotherhood who was behind it - The Phantoms role after that incident has become as "the Unknown Commander". Ever since then no one knows who leads the patrol.

When The Phantom does show up in his role as the commander he wears an army uniform based on the Patrol uniform with the hat saying 'Commander'.

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