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16th Phantom

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The 16th Phantom has two different wives according to Lee Falk and Team Fantomen. Team Fantomen created the story first and there has been more stories featuring Asta Jensen than Annie.

You can either ignore Annie or Asta or try and merge them together. Once solution would be Annie is the 16th Phantoms first wife who died. The 16th, then married Asta who gave birth to the twins. We suggest you either ignore Annie or have Asta the second wife and mother of the twins.

The 16th studied at the same school in the Tibetan mountains as Kit jnr (22nd Phantom) and the 11th Phantom all believed to be the same person.

A great swimmer and described as strong as an ox along with being a great shot.

Was in America during the civil war. Managed to stop one assassination attempt on President Lincoln but not the second. He never participated in the war but dressed in an officers uniform.

Choice of weapon was assorted revolvers and perhaps the last Phantom to use a flint lock gun.

Details of Death

There is no record on how the 15th Phantom died.

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