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9th Phantom

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Known as the strongest Phantom (along with the 18th Phantom). He could rip up a tree with his bar hands, pull a rhino out of the swamp and hold up a rope bridge while 3/4 men travel over it.

He married Flame Stanbury and had two children. Kit and Heloise. Heloise was captured and held for ransom. No story has been written if she gets rescued. Flame was also lost at sea, again nothing if she survived.

Was the first Phantom to deal with the Eastern Dark beyond the mountain range to the east of Bangalla.

  • Added many items to the Major Treasure Room including Cleopatra's Asp, Roland's Horn and the treasure of King John of England (lost since 1216).

  • Like his father is a man who acts first and thinks second.

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

We have chosen not to include the story "Fourth Son" in this bible. We have tried to make it fit and spent a lot of discussion and research but ended up with the conclusion that as it contradicts both Team Fantomen and Lee Falk stories too much, so we are ignoring it. It is a story that is enjoyed by a lot of phans but will remain as an asterisk.

Details of Death

Bengalitown was captured by pirates. The 9th sailed a burning ship into the harbour which blinded him. He was then captured by the pirates - after escaping and still being blind, he found the shore by listening to the waves. The 10th eventually found him and brought him back to the Skull Cave where he died shortly later.

Gallery of Phantom

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