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17th Phantom

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The 17th Phantom has a twin sister Julie Walker which brought a healthy competitiveness between the two. Although they are competitive, they are very tight and tell each other everything including his past relationship with Kate Sommerset who he had an illegitimate son with before his marriage to his wife.

Nothing on his wife has been written.

In some stories he has been shown with an almost brash, head strong go first nature. A man of action.

He studied at Oxford, England. In another story he studied in Denmark.

  • He died when he saved his illegitimate son and the mother.

  • The chief of Bandar during his reign is called Quran.

  • The 17th Phantom has blonde hair.

  • The 17th Phantoms horse is white

  • Choice of weapon was the "Peacemaker" revolver like his sister.


Details of Death

The 17th Phantom died by gun shot saving Kate Sommerset and their son Christopher Sommerset in the story "Death of a Phantom".

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