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The Costume

The Phantom's costume is iconic and ground-breaking in the world of comics, with features that must be maintained. Of less importance is his 'Mr Walker' alias disguise when "walking the streets of the town as an ordinary man". (See Mr Walker Alias page)

Essential elements:

  • Skin tight outfit, including cowl - colour varies internationally.

  • Mask - eyes cannot be seen.

  • Belt - black leather with Skull motif buckle. 

    • Holsters or scabbard​ attached.

  • Trunks - black diagonal stripes - colour varies internationally.

  • Boots - period appropriate.

    • Modern Boots are calf-length; riding boots.

  • Weapons - period appropriate (See Individual Phantom's for examples for each Phantom)

    • Hidden knife in boot.

    • 20th & 21st Phantom uses twin Colt 1911s.​

    • Past Phantoms. Flint guns, swords period appropriate.

Historically, creators have depicted an almost completely unchanged outfit, which is entirely palatable to phans. The Phantom's costume has remained relatively unchanged since the first of the line. 


In recent times some creators have changed their Phantom costumes to be realistic to the time period. At this stage it is NOT official Phantom Lore, time will tell if it becomes official.

2013 Dynamite Kings Watch 5.JPG

Attached are the ONLY two examples of time period costumes. IF these make more appearances in stories then the discussion needs to made.

(Left) A page from the Chronicles in Dynamite's 2013 release King's Watch (issue 5) written by Jeff Parker and drawn by  Marc Laming.

2022 Generations Jeff Weigel.JPG

Jeff Weigel's Generations print (2021) - commissioned by a phan and produced as a poster by Frew based on the 191st Phantom Sunday story "The Visitor" written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Jeff Weigel.

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