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5th Phantom

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Married Captain Amazon a female Pirate Queen aka Juliet Adams. She travelled with her father and was falsely accused as being a pirate. Even though she was a pirate she was a nice pirate and traded instead of stealing. The 5th Phantom rescued her twice and then they married.

Team Fantomen have swapped Juliet Adams as the 15th Phantoms wife instead of the 5th. This is incorrect - Juliet is the wife of the 5th Phantom.

Juliet has rescued the Phantom on at least one occasion.

  • First Phantom to deal with the Thuggee's and was severally injured fighting them

  • Months before he died, he chronicled the idea of getting help to fight the pirates - a pre curser for the Jungle Patrol.

  • Befriended Sledgehammer who used to fight for Black Glove.

  • His weapons consisted of a sword and flint lock gun(s)

Details of Death

Died fighting Black Glove a notorious pirate. The building was on fire as they battled in a sword fight. Black Glove pushed him into a burning table with a heavy barrel on it that feel on him and broke his back. He survived long enough for the 6th Phantom to come and swear the oath.

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