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Pura Walker

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4th Phantom
3rd Phantom

Lee Falk had the 3rd Phantom marrying two women Rosamunda (niece of William Shakespeare) and Pura daughter of a maharajah in India. Pura has been down as marrying the 3rd, 4th and 11th Phantoms. The last story Lee Falk wrote about Pura has it featuring as the third. The problem however is that the third also married Rosamunda.

Team Fantomen has made it all make sense by having Rosamunda dying after childbirth and then the Phantom marrying Pura.

There is obvious jealously of Rosamunda with Pura and it feels the 4th Phantom is kinder neglected because of it. So far there has been no stories that touch if Pura reconciled with her father, an Maharajah.

Pura is a woman of action and has been capable of looking after herself if needed. In one story, she went into danger and told her husband to go to safety. She is also outspoken and not afraid of voicing her opinion.

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