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Maude Thorne McPatrick Walker

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20th Phantom
21st Phantom

Maude is the wife of the 20th Phantom.

Her origin before she met the 20th Phantom is contradictory. Lee Falk wrote a story saying Maude met the Phantom after being rescued after being captured by the rope people. This however contradicts other stories he wrote so we suggest we ignore this.

The story of her and the 20th meeting in Hollywood fits best. She comes from Wisconsin, USA and doubled for Rita Haywood in a movie before meeting and marrying the 20th.

She has an uncle who is an Egyptologist, a sister who looked after the 21st as a child when he arrived in the USA to go to school and a brother who got mixed up fighting for the French underground resistance in the second world war.

Maude is blonde / red, head strong, strong willed and doesn't appreciate being just the Phantom's wife. In several stories she takes center stage and shows herself as someone with good intuition.

She died from a jungle illness after her sons 17th birthday and is buried in a grove near the skull cave.

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