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Aron Cartwright

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Some Frew issues have it Aaron with the double A. Stick with the single A.

Aron Cartwight is a Rodia national. Spent his younger 20's as a doctor in the poorer areas helping disadvantaged Rodians - normally coloured Africans. He spent several years in prisons for his views and lost his family. His wife died in camp, daughter Sarah turned into an agent for Rodia thinking that the RLA killed her parents.

Assuming the 20th Phantom rescued Aron from being killed by a guard when he escaped the camp. After that he worked for the RLA including getting support from President Luaga and possibly other governments / businesses etc.

When he found his daughter Miss Mist (aka Sarah), they have rarely left each others sides until his death by Lubanga. He is buried near the surgery.

No idea when he started the surgery and if they fought for the RLA after finding each other.

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