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Eric Sahara aka "The Nomad"

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Interaction with Phantom
21st Phantom

He is married to Imara Sahara and the father of Kadia Sahara. His nationality is a bit of a mystery but as a guess maybe French, southern European or maybe the Mediterranean Africa region.

The Nomad is what he is known and he is a master at hiding in plain sight, manipulation and even Chatu was weary and worried about him. The Nomad took on the challenge of fighting the Phantom once approached by an old follower of Chatu after he was jailed and many other terror cells destroyed.

The Nomad did not take on the call as he was a believer but more of a challenge against the Phantom and if he could beat him. It is like a game for him.

Eric is loaded, filthy rich with many hideouts, cash and assets all around the world. He enjoys the finer things like expensive suits, wine, penthouse's, women etc.

He was defeated and jailed by Heloise. Last time we saw Eric, he was wondering about the relationship between the Phantom and Heloise.

At this stage there has been no further communication between Irma, Eric and or Kardia.

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