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Kadia Sahara / Walker

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21st Phantom

Kardia Sahara / Walker is the daughter of terrorist Eric aka The Nomad and Irma Sahara.

She never knew her dads second life. She was always distant with her dad and wished they had a better relationship. She was physically sick when she learnt the truth.

Had a less than ideal split with her mother when they were reunited after Eric's imprisonment. Irma wanted to keep the money and lifestyle by not de-clearing it to the authorities. Kardia wanted nothing to do with the blood money. At this stage there has been no further communication between Irma, Eric and or Kardia.

They are currently living together in Mawitaan, going to school and working together.

Has a close sister-like relationship with Heloise. They are best friends and confine in each other. Even though they are close, Kardia knows Heloise is keeping something about the Phantom etc from her. A possible point of contention between the two.

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