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President Sandal Singh

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Sandal Singh would be the 21st Phantoms greatest challenge.

Her dad wanted a son and rejected Sandal because she was a girl. It has caused Sandal to fight for everything she has, she is determined, clever, physical, attractive and will do whatever is necessary to get what she wants.

She toes the line between good and bad and has organised the Singh Pirates into Singh Incorporated a modern corporation which again toes the line between good and bad. Sandal is a master manipulator and confuses everyone including The Phantom countless times with her sexuality and her toeing the line. She is bad but good at leading people to believe she is good.

Even during her presidency she toed the line including undermining the Rodian government by shipping plutonium there, in order to create international outrage towards the Rodian government. Which led to its downfall.

  • Sandal is the only known child of Dogai Singh

  • She hates her father and had him in suspended animation

  • Her mother killed herself and was found by Sandal

  • Her best friend is Belim who she grew up with as a child in a jungle palace

  • Sandal has killed off uncles, cousins and other extended family members to keep her role as head of the Singh Brotherhood / Incorporated.

  • Sandal has had regular sexual partners

  • Sandal has lost the presidency.

  • Sandal is Asian in ethnicity

  • Wears Asian inspired clothes

Her presidency ended after Bengali Bugle revealed that Singh Incorporated kept slave workers in Rodian labor camps and that the president herself signed the agreement with the Rodian government. To the general public she is believed to have died when a passenger plane crashed into the presidential palace.

Sandal Singh may have given birth to the 21st Phantoms child. While the 21st Phantom was led to believe that Diana Walker was dead, The Phantom rescued Sandal in the jungle between Rodia and Bengalla. While being injured, Sandal tricked the Phantom into kissing her and may have had sex with him. This part is unclear.

Sandal has changed her story about the fatherhood of her son Nadir to the Phantom and to her dad, Dogai, The Phantom, Diana, Kit and Heloise believe the son is the 21st Phantoms. The true father is unknown.

In the 22nd Phantom timeline she is leader of the Singh Pirates in Singhtown (former Sanloi)

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