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President Kigali Lubanga

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Interaction with Phantom
21st Phantom

Kigali Lubanga is one of the toughest villains the 21st Phantom has had to fight. He is smart, lethal and has defeated the 21st Phantom in several fights. He managed to split the friendship and trust between the Phantom and Luaga.

Lubanga, was son of a medicine man, raised by them until he was adopted by Luaga's uncle, chief Llionto.

Lubanga is a smart and charismatic man who has built companies and drawn people to his causes. He is not afraid of double crossing people, even countries and killing whoever stands in his way. Very ambitious person who has no limits for him to get what he wants.

His knowledge of scientific and natural medicines & jungle drugs has helped him defeat the Phantoms in fights and eliminate opponents.

He has come back from the death twice. On his second come back, he lost his memory and settled down and had a wife and son who perished in an earthquake that devastated Bangalla and Mawitaan in the 22nd Phantom timeline.

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