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Sarah Cartwright

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Interaction with Phantom
21st Phantom

Sarah Cartwright first encountered the Phantom as Miss Mist a female agent for Rodia. She was an excellent agent and their best. Like a James Bond femme fetale. She battled the Phantom a few times and always proved herself against him.

We find out her dad was Aron Cartwright who was imprisoned because of his views of equal rights for coloured Africans. Sarah was lied to that the RLA killed her parents and that is why she was hell bent on fighting against them.

Eventually Aron and Sarah found each other and they have very rarely left each others sides until his death. Sarah's one weakness was her dad - she would do anything to protect him.

Aron and Sarah have built the surgery in Bengete, a slum area of Mawitaan. Luaga has helped their also several times inbetween his presidency. Luaga and Sarah have a strong relationship but it is not romantic. After her fathers death, she is still working at the Bengete surgery even in the time of the 22nd Phantom adventures. The surgery has been burnt down at least once and damaged several more times. Always been rebuilt.

Sarah has helped the Phantom on several missions. Sarah is a strong character physically but also mentally.

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