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Presidential Palace

With Bengalla / Bengali an English coloney, there is a lot of ex-colonial buildings. The presidential palace is one of them.

It includes a dome at the top and at least two stories high. Surrounded by gardens and a 2-3 meter metal picket fence. Guards are situated around the palace with 2m high steel picket fence.

In a 2015 Team Fantomen story, the presidential palace was destroyed by a plane (Singh War, Part 1: The Flying Dutchman). It was started to be rebuilt when Luaga took over as president during his third reign of being a president (A New Hope).

In the 22nd Phantom saga set "years in the future", the palace was again destroyed by an earthquake (The 22nd Phantom, Part 3: The Man in the Shadows).

The Oogaan have a burial ground underneath Morristown's presidential palace in catacombs.

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