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President Lamanda Luaga

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Interaction with Phantom

Lamanda Luaga is one of the 21st Phantoms best friends however their relationship has had its moments but the relationship has always stood the test. He would be at least 5 years older than the 21st Phantom.

Luaga has two brothers, Loka and father Morra. Loka is the black sheep of the family while Morra operates an orphanage in the Bangalla jungle. He has one son Lon who married General Bababu's daughter Lila. No word on Lon's mum. Luaga then married miss Tagma while he was in the office.

Before he was elected, he went to Oxford with Gorando and studied as a doctor. He also boxed and learnt judo. He won an Olympic gold medal as a light weight boxer. Its unclear how much he fought in the war of independence but before elected, he had a local practice on the edge of the jungle. He also spent time at Dr Axels jungle hospital.

Luaga has served a minimum of three terms before he lost the presidency to Kigali Lubanga in a rigged election. During this time, the biggest threat to his life, his friendship to the Phantom and his credibility was threatened. He was almost killed, hunted by secret police and had to go into hiding.

After Lubanga died for the first time, he took over the presidency again. He then stood down again after some more controversy. After Sandal Singh's presidency he again took over from the presidency. At the minimum, he has served 5 terms as president of Bangalla.

In between hiding, being in exile, he works at Dr Aron Cartwright's surgery in Bengete even after his death.

In the futuristic 22nd Phantom saga, he again is not president and working at the doctors surgery in Bengete.

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