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Legend is that the tribe was founded by a son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and is believed to be the luckiest tribe in the jungle. The tribe believes that a two-headed gazelle that was gifted by the founder is the source of their luck (some stories it is a two headed bull but that is incorrect). The tribe is also considered the most handsome.

They are very superstitious about their luck. Many have replicas as good luck charms including Luaga who has a necklace and also a small desk statue that sat on his desk in the presidential office.

Current chief is a female and known as a queen - no name. Previous leader was Llionto who was the uncle to Lamanda Luaga. He had 23 children - his oldest son was called Llomo. One of his daughters was called Lotus - could be her.

Llongo tribe are known for raising cattle. In majority of stories by both Team Fantomen and newspapers they wear certain headdress. In recent newspaper stories they wear a dhoti (a long piece of embroidered cloth worn around the waist).

Llongo and Wambesi are the only tribes that are allowed to do mass weddings on the beach of Keela-Wee. As one of the largest two tribes, they also usually win the Jungle Olympics alternating with the Wambesi tribe.

Because of their luck, wealth and popularity other jungle folk tend to be jealous of them causing some hatred towards them.

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