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Island of Eden

Eden is an island off the coast of Bangalla separated by a river full of piranhas (note: yes piranha's are not native to Africa - its a comic) and a lagoon. The island is special because like the Garden of Eden the animals on the island live in peaceful harmony - the lion lays down the lamb.

The island was originally a hide out of the 20th Phantom and was given to Archie a wildman who was raised by apes. Archie had a special bond with animals and attracted several wild animals that would normally be enemies to live in natural harmony. Archie was murdered but his dream and legacy of Eden has lived on.

One side of the island is rocky cliffs which is where the Little People live. The other side is jungle. There is beach on the river and ocean side. To cross the river there is a raft hidden or a flying fox. The lagoon is protective reef which acts a barrier so no one can cross.

Mori tribesmen deliver fresh fish to the lagoon every day which feeds the big cats. They survive on fresh fish and not red blood from a deer, sheep etc.

A full list of animals are:

Fluffy or Fuzzy or Sabor, lion

Old Baldy, gorilla

Stripes (aka Queenie), tiger

tigon cubs

Solomon and Nefertiti, dolphins

Stegy, stegosaurus

Griselda, fawn

Stretch, giraffe

Spots, leopard

Hzz, Hrz, & Rxx the cave monsters

Prince Vlad and The Little People

Antelopes that are normally extinct on the mainland

An Unicorn Colt

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