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The Little People

The Little People are an alien race who crashed into Earth centuries ago. This is the origin place of all stories of little people (elves, fairies etc). They used to live in a cave at the foothills of the Misty Mountains near a river of lava - the cave was underneath an active volcano.

They now live on Eden on the cliff side of the island. They have a blackbox which sends out a signal hoping to be connected back with their race. They also act as protectors for Eden including having a radio transponder to signal to the Phantom when something is wrong.

Prince Vlad is the ruler of the tribe. He is married and has at least one son - Nikki. The names have been incorrect in several stories. Vlad is the prince, now king. His wife is Melodee who has had several other names again is incorrect. The Phantom gave away Melodee at their marriage after rescuing her.

In some stories they ride doves but again that is another contradiction. They ride and train hawks / falcons to transport, hunt and travel. They gave The Phantom Fraka as a sign of their friendship.

The first Phantom to interact with the Little People was the 12th Phantom. They have a signed treaty to help each other and there is also a rattle treaty that gets delivered to the Skull Cave every year as a physical sign and reminder of their friendship.

They have sleeping poison which they use to hunt on their spears and arrows.

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