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The Mori Tribe are situated on the Bengalla coast and are fisherman. By nature they are not a waring tribe and always try the peaceful way first however they can fight and do it well. Like most indigenous tribes they have a manhood initiation which the Phantom regularly goes along with.

They provide live fish for the big cats on the Island of Eden. This keeps them being able to live in peace with the grass feeders. Along with this, they always help out the Phantom when he needs to travel by sea.

The Mori village is on the shore and all the houses are on stilts to protect against tides, floods and surges etc.

In the Sunday story "The Ingenues", the tribe now have facial tattoos. These are not shown in any other prior stories.

The Mori tribe also found and rescued Rex from the sea when he was a baby.

The tribe has been around since the 1st century.

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