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Rodia (Country)

Rodia is a neighboring country to Bangalla. The capital city is Marcusburg. Until recently the country was ruled by a white junta. When this country was introduced in the Team Fantomen universe, the country was design to be a reflection of what South Africa was with racial segregation etc. For example: the first black president is called Nelson N'Dela.

Rodia is bordering both Ivory-Lana and Bangalla. Rodia does have a major port in Marcusburg with other parts of the country also bordering the ocean. Some images of maps have Rodia landlocked and while it does border Bangalla and Ivory Lana to the north behind the mountains, Rodia does have its borders on the sea.

The most logical solution is that there is a river between Ivory Lana and Bangalla and that is how Marcusburg has a seaport.

Sometimes its called Rhodia but should be Rodia minus the H.

Rodia helped support Lubanga when he took control against Luaga and then tried to invade when the country was in upheaval when Lubanga lost control.

Rodia has a population of about 8-9 million - majority black and coloured. As any country with new democracy and coming out of apartheid, the whole country and city is a powder keg. A lot of ex leaders of the regime have left Rodia.

Rodia had an eagle as their emblem and had a close relationship with Russia when controlled by the Junta. Likely to be changed when apartheid ended. The Gravelines prison was/is used for political prisoners and was based in the jungle a few kilometers from the sea.

The country does not show any of its past colonial backgrounds of the English and Arab like Bangalla. There is no record of its past colonial history - like British like Bangalla.

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