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Keela-Wee is a beach with the sand containing 50% of gold. It is owned by the Phantom and his generations. It came into their possession after the 7th Phantoms friendship with the previous owner Emperor Joonkar. They were given a scroll which details the ownership. That has since been replaced by a decree by the President of Bangalla.

The beach is guarded by a rotating guard of Bandar and other Jungle folk from intruders. There is an old Jungle Saying about the beach "He who comes to Keela Wee without love is buried there".

Along with every Phantom who spends the night there with their bride, The Llongo and Wambesi also do mass weddings there officiated by priests. The ritual begins with the ceremony, then they dip in the water, roll in the sand and then go through the Jade Hut.

The Jade hut is where the Phantoms spend the night. It has to be said there is no flooring, furniture and it doesn't offer protection from the rain.

The Jade Hut was built by Emperor Joonkar while the beach has been around before that. There is a panel of the 3rd Phantom who came across the beach with no jade hut present.

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