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According to legend, Wambesi was founded by a son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. He had a gold necklace that was originally given from his father to his mother. The tribe believes that the necklace gives them wealth and makes them the richest tribe in the jungle. When the crown prince turns 21, the tribe celebrates Necklace Day, and becomes guardian of the necklace.

Located near the Phantom Head Peak.

In some stories Wambesi are shown as cattle headers but they should be shown as tillers of the soil.

Llongo and Wambesi are the only tribes that are allowed to do mass weddings on the beach of Keela-Wee.

As one of the largest two tribes, they also usually win the Jungle Olympics alternating with the Llongo tribe.

Perhaps Lothar, friend and companion of Mandrake is from Wambesi.

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