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The Rope People

The Rope People live in the giant trees in the forest region of Bangalla. Their village is 200 meters up in the trees. They have been rumoured to be cannibals at times but they are peaceful and use the rumours and their isolation to keep them safe.

The 19th Phantom first came into contact with them when he rescued an explorer and his daughter. That daughter ended up marrying the Phantom. In one Lee Falk story it was mistakenly mentioned it was the 20th Phantom. That is wrong.

Both the 19th Phantom and 21st Phantom had to perform tasks to prove they were the Phantom.

The chief wears a big feathered hat.

Some of the rope people have traveled the world as acrobats in circus' - this is due to them as kids living life in the sky and practising. They are experts in the sky and on the rope.

They are deadly accurate with the lasso.

They use a weighted elevator system (perhaps the first to use this system). They have built the Phantoms Tree House.

They love their forest and are very protective. In 'Errands of Mercy', the moss growing on the north side of the trees has medicinal purposes.

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