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The Crypt

The Phantom Crypt is were the Phantoms are laid to rest. The years of the Phantom are engraved on the outside. Each Phantom is buried there by their son after he dies, the Phantoms oath is then sworn by the son and then he lays his father to rest. The laying of the Phantom is only done by the son, no one else is to be present.

The dates shown by Lee Falk newspapers are not consistent nor do they make sense. We would suggest you ignore them and use the dates on each Phantom (list here).

The crypt is next door / near the chronicle room.

Hidden in the crypt is a crypt featuring a Viking who was laid to rest hundreds of years prior to the First Phantom making the Skull Cave his home.

Note, the wives of the Phantoms and or siblings are not buried here. The Wives are buried in a grove outside near the Skull Cave.

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