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The Oogaan tribe (also known as Oolan, Oongaan, and Oogaan but these are all mistakes / spelling mistakes) is located near the Whispering Woods. The village has savannah grass around it.

They are master wood carvers and they use fallen down whispering wood trees for their wood - when finished it presents as gold. They always plant more saplings in their place and the only way the wood can be carved is by a special juice made from the trees berries. Along with wood carving they are also skilled artisans.

The Golden Ox a symbol for jungle peace was created by the Oogaan.

The tribe has been around since the viking days.

Key important Oogaan tribesmen are:

  • Hoogaan the witch doctor of the tribe has tried to take control of the country twice including trying to kill Luaga.

  • Obiju, a champion of the Jungle Olympics

Oogaan have specific tribal markings for their spears and clothes.

Near the village lays the ruins of a city called Pheenix.

The Oogaan have a burial ground underneath Morristown's presidential palace in catacombs.

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